Dunkin (Special) Donut Sauce-Swirl-Syrup 64 Oz Jug


  • Distinctive Flavor Blend: Enjoy the harmonious combination of creamy Donut Swirl.
  • Extended Freshness: With a minimum 90-day best-use-by date from the purchase day, this flavor ensures a prolonged period of freshness, allowing you to savor its delicious taste over an extended time frame.
  • Quality Assurance: Dunkin’ Donuts commitment to quality is reflected in the unique features of Donut Swirl, providing customers with a consistently satisfying and enjoyable beverage experience.
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This Donut Swirl is perfect for making Coffee (Ice or Hot). Donut Swirl is a delightful Coffee flavor that combines the sweetness . Its often featured with lattes, hot or iced. coffee providing a comforting and rich beverage with a unique flavor profile.
Expiration Date: Minimum 90 Days from purchased Day

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