Item Form: Decaf Ground
Brand: Dunkin’ Donuts
Flavor: Decaf
Caffeine Content: Decaffeinated
Package Information: Bag




  • About this item

    • Dunkin Donuts Coffee- A coarse decaf ground coffee from your favorite brand 100percent Arabica Coffee, perfect for morning coffee. Each 1lb. Bag of Dunkin Decaf Ground Coffee makes roughly 40 coffee beverages.
    • Iced or Hot Coffee – Skip waiting in line at Dunkin. Now you can make your favorite dunkin coffee hot or iced coffee at home. After brewing your flavored ground coffee, pour into a temperature-safe mug and drink or serve over ice.
    • At Home-Barista – With the variety of Dunkin Donuts ground coffee, you can replicate your favorite coffee drink from the comfort of your home.
    • Flavor: Ground Decaf.
    • Caffeine Content: decaffeinated
    • Product Shelf Life: 180.0 days.Coffee Roast Level: medium_roast
    • Serving Recommendation: 2 Tbsp. Item Package Dimensions: 12.48 inches. Item Package Weight: 3.2 pounds
    • Flavor : Decaf Ground Original Blend
    • Caffeine content : decaffeinated
    • Quantity: 1Lb bag 0f 3pcs(3 LB)
    • Expiration Date: Minimum 6 Months From Purchase Date Guaranteed .

      • This item original expiration date is more than 6 Month. If you want to know exact expiration Date, send email to or text us to +1 929 615 1423, We usually reply within 2 hours. (Eastern Time: 10am to 7pm)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

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